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Campo nell'Elba

One of the most renowned tourist centers on the islands is Marina di Campo (in the municipality of Campo nell''Elba), prized for the wide fine sand beaches, the fertile flat land that arrives at the shores of the gulf, the mountains in the backdrop, and the well-equipped hotels and tourist facilities that offer al types of aquatic sport. From this seaside location, it is possible to reach some of the most beautiful beaches on Elba. It is the perfect place to stay for those seeking an active party scene and nightlife. It is almost like a piece of the Adriatic Riviera has been transported to the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago, but manages to retain the appearance of an old fishing village. The low vegetation in the area has left ample space for cultivation and here one can find the majority of the Elban vineyards that produce in prevalence the white wine that goes so well with the Mediterranean cuisine so rich seafood. When in the area, a visit to the Church Of San Mamiliano should be on the schedule. Located on the road headed for Procchio, it houses a relic of Saint Mamiliano who died in Montecristo in 460 A.D. At Segagnana, inside the Hotel Marina 2000, there is the Elba Aquarium and the Museum for the Study of Fauna. Second in size to the Aquarium of Genoa, the Elba Aquarium houses more than 2000 specimens of fish and invertebrates from branches of over 160 different species found in the Tyrrhenian Sea (grouper, moray eels,and Mediterranean sharks). Inside there are also 250 environmentally realistic displays of Elban flora and fauna. The little towns of Sant''Ilario and San Piero in Campo, near Marina di Campo, are also deserving of a visit. Recognized as the oldest settlements in the area, the first is the most charming and fascinating where a panoramic walk culminates in apiazza dominated by a 15th century church built by the Appians. San Piero in Campo, shelterd on the slopes of Mt. Perone owes its origins to the Roman ages when the first residential settlements were constructed on the great granite base. In the past, first the Pisans then the Appians built fortifications to defend the great granite caves, from which as far back as the Roman Ages, great quantities of rock were extracted to be used in building churches and celebrated monuments the world over that are visited by millions of tourists every year. An event not to be missed is the Patron Saint Festival of San Gaetano that takes place every year on 7 August. It attracts thousands of tourists thanks to the Holy Procession in the sea and the midnight fireworks display.

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